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Faison 19X Moamin

Most of the holidays the Americans's celebrate ( ie Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving ) do not come from scripture, but have become part of the Christian practice for one reason or the other. Easter is one such holiday.


In the early 700's, Germanic pagans had many rituals celebrating the arrival of spring. One of the paganistic practices was the lighting of large bonfires. Initially, the Roman Catholic church "frowned" upon the un-Christianlike tradition. Later in the sixth and seventh century Irish monks came into Germany and continued the pagan practice of the spring bonfires. They would even bless them outside the church on " Holy Saturday" . This paganistic custom spread to France and was later incorporated into the Roman Catholic Easter tradition.

It was St. Bede the Venerable who stated the term Easter is derived from the Saxon ( ancient Germanic peoples ) goddess Eostre; who was associated with fertility and the spring season of "new birth". It used to mark the beginning of the new year until 1563 ( it faded out because the Gregorian calendar was introduced in 1582 ), but it was the infamous 325 ad Council of Nicae that voted upon the fixed date of Easter, not some divine scripture marking its date.

The paganistic practice of giving eggs was first done by King Edward I. eggs were a pagan symbol of the spring equinox and represented new life and the pagan new year. The so called " Easter Rabbit" was not first found in scripture or Church document, but rather in a German book in 1572, an it was concerning its status as a fertility symbol.. The practice of giving eggs is totally inconsistent with the scripture constant reminders not to follow the ways or practices of paganistic of un-godly peoples.

It is only through research and study that the individual can truly see what has been added to the gospel of Jesus, and why many Americans continue to practice things that have no basis in divine scripture.

The is however a solution, and that is the un-edited, un-revised 1400 year old Holy Quran. Unlike the Bible, it never fell victim to the politics of the rightly called Dark ages, or to the whims of revisionists Kings and popes. The Bible does indeed have Gods word and wisdom, but it is often hidden in allegory and historical corruption of the original texts. The Holy Quran is straight forward and clear, it is Gods word completely and wholly, and dictates all actions for the believers life ( form eating habits to holidays ). It is the one book that we all can benefit from.