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Brought to you by Bro. Faison 19X Moamin



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The Flag of Islam, respresents the SUN , MOON and STARS.


The Sun which is 853,000 miles in diametre, and on average 93,000,000 miles from teh EARTH. The Sun controls 9 planets with light and heat which allow the planets to have energy and life. The sun shines upon everthing within her sphere of POWER. The SUN has a diameter of 853,000 miles. It is straight fire ( those who call them selves "scientists" attribute this to a process called "FISSION" which is the combination of ATOMS to produce ENERGY ( the OPPOSITE OF THAT WHICH DEVILISH MEN HAVE USED TO PRODUCE DESTRUCTIVE ENERGY!!!..... for MORE insight into this process email me .. as i will BUILD and explain on this!!). The SUN is the source of our vison and the ESSENTIAL ingredient for the GERMINATION OF THE SEEDS OF they plant, animal, etc. The SUN is re[resentative of the LIFE giving powers of ALLAH made MANIFEST.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The MOON is/was part of OUR EARTH... and it represents EQUALITY. The MOON's number is 66 TRILLION ... ( PRIOR TO 6,000 years ago there EXISTED ONLY THE ORIGINAL MAN.... please study ANTHROPOLIGICAL GENETICS/"de"EVOLUTION!!!) and represents EQUALITY. The MOON once had water, ( which added with the SUN and will of that which causes the micro-organisms of LIFE to form ) but that water was LOSS in the process of her EXPULSION or physical REMOVAL from the EARTH ( which is life). Since the Moon can no longer PRODUCE her own LIFE ( or atmosphere -- which is a by product of LIFE+WATER ) she is rulled by the rotation and physics of the EARTH , which whom she is part of. As the EARTH's physics are controlled by the Sun . The majority of the MOONS physics are controlld by its LIVING SELF which is EARTH.

Water, WHICH IS ALSO THE SYMBOLIC OF TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE, no longer exists on the POOR MOON, so the MOON is always in the process of trying to regain that which she ha LOST. Shold the MOON ever be replentished with water, life will surely follow. Just as the water/truth was lost from the MOON,,, so it is with truth/knowledge of ALLaH, with the Black Nation as a Whole, but more specifically with that of the LOst FOUND NATION here in the WILDERNESS of N.America. The loss of KNOWLEDGE OF ALLAH/TRUTH has caused the BLACK man and WOMAN to become as mentaly barren and dead as the MOON. IT IS ONLY THROUGH THE RESTORATION OF THIS KNOWLEDGE/WATER THAT LIFE/KNWLEDGE OF SELF SHALL BE RESOTERED...IN SHALLA that is).


The MOON is connected to the PHYSICAL EARTH through gravitational slavery and is ALSO PHYSICALLY CONNECTED WITH THE SYMBOLIC EARTH ( which is the Woman).. the MOON rotates on average of 28 days so IS THE ROTATION OF OLD LIFE-BLOOD in the MENESTRATION CYCLE OF THE WOMAN .... Trick-Knowleders whom have secluded themselves in "BIO-DOMES" and those whom SEPERATE THEMSELVES PHYSICALLY FROM THE PLANET EARTH ( space flight/ shuttles etc) go against the ORIGINAL PHYSICS OF ALLAH... and thusly the menstral CYLCLE of these women becomes AFFECTED and IRREFGULAR..(OFTEN COMPLETELY CEAESING) .. causing DEATH to be re-cycled internally....MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS ..YOU MUST STUDY THE SCIENCE(s) OF PHYSICS AND MATHEMATICS to OVERSTAND the ONENESS/TRUTH of GOD/ALLAH ( TAWID)!!!!!!!


EZEKIAL 37 nad tha DRY BONES... is also SYMBOLIC of the ALLEGORY of the MOON and the Lost-FOUND nation of ISLAM... STUDY THIS.

The STAR is light which dispels darkness ( such as the knowledge of Allah and Quran dispek the darkness of our IGNORANCE). The STAR REPRESENTs JUSTICE.

As is the Knowledge of ALLAH... so to are the number of STARS ...INFINITE and immeasurable by HUMAN means ( we can only measure theier COMPOSITION - SPECTRAL ANALYSIS, and DISTANCE thru PARALLAX etc....). The little STAR is that whom bears WITNESS to ALLAH...STARS ARE suns ,, but they are removed from OUR sphere of EXISTENCE... therefore do not PROVIDE US WITH LIFE-GIVING elemental LIGHT/HEAT, only the SUN ( as scientists have VAugely named it) does this ( notice.. we recieve NO nutrients from STARS.. but VITAMINS ( ie Vitamin D..etc) ARE recievd from our SUN!!@!@!@!!@



This WISEdom has been made possible by the lessons of PHYSICS...MATH... SCIENCE....The insights of The HON. Elijah Muhammad..and most importantly ALLAH.....

the duty of the Muslim ( "civilized") man is TO TEACH THE UNTAUGHT....and my word IS BOND.

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